Camp physicals

Dragonfly Health providers will review your child’s medical history, conduct an exam and recommend additional tests and diagnosis if needed. Following the session, your Dragonfly Health provider will complete the required medical forms indicating your child’s health as needed, for you to give to the camp organizer.

Also called pre-participation physicals, camp physical examinations are an essential part of registering children for camps. Organizers typically require an evaluation for campers to participate, with regulations varying by state. A camp physical helps to assure that your child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in all the activities offered at camps like hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc. Before registering, check with the administrators about specific eligibility requirements. The goal is to help reduce the risk of potential injury to kids while away from home.

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What to know before your visit

Insurance is not accepted for physicals at Dragonfly Health and payment is due at the time of visit.

Bring any required forms including a completed health and immunization history.

Our practitioners can only verify immunizations administered at our offices or with appropriate documentation.

A camp physical should not replace an annual wellness physical.

What to expect at your visit

  1. Greeted by one of our attentive patient coordinators.
  2. Sign in and fill out your intake form on one of our ipads.
  3. Your practitioner will review your medical history and immunizations and perform a simple physical exam to determine if you’re able to safely participate in camp activities.
  4. Your practitioner may conduct a urinalysis if required. Please note that additional charges apply for these tests.
  5. At the end of your visit, your practitioner will stamp any medical forms required and also provide you with a summary and a receipt.
  6. The summary of your visit can be sent to your primary care provider with your permission.

What are the benefits of camp physicals?

Although your child may be completely healthy, a day camp, Scout camp, overnight camp, or summer camp organization may require them to undergo a physical before arriving at camp. Although this obligation may seem inconvenient and unnecessary for a healthy child, it protects the camper, other attendees, and staff from avoidable illness, injury, and life-threatening situations. In addition to meeting the camp registration requirements, there are additional benefits to conducting a camp physical before participation:

  • Evaluating general health can help address potential health concerns proactively. Reviewing the medical history and immunization record, and performing a routine physical exam can help avoid unforeseen issues that might jeopardize attendance. It allows time to address matters such as a required immunization before the start of camp.
  • The medical history review covers any medical conditions that run in the family, such as diabetes and prior illnesses such as asthma. Your Dragonfly Health provider can check on the status and make recommendations for medications or additional remedies. A history of asthma could interfere with approval for attendance, even if a child has not had symptoms for a long time, for example. A child with a history of asthma may need to carry an inhaler. It helps for camp staff to be aware, in case your child experiences a sudden episode while away from home, and needs to use it.
  • Checks for pre-existing and current conditions such as allergies or injuries are necessary. A newly sprained ankle, for example, may limit a child from participating in certain activities.

This screening will identify those potential health concerns, so they are not made worse or cause any undue pain, injury, or re-injury.