Sinus infections & congestion

Headache, nasal congestion, facial pressure, fatigue & other symptoms that make you unwell. If you’ve had them awhile you might have a sinus infection. Whether caused by a cold or allergies, getting a proper diagnosis and treatment plan can help ease symptoms and help you feel better much faster.

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What to know before your visit

Patients with the following may be directed to another health care provider:

  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Eye pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Other neurological symptoms such as weakness, tingling, difficulty with speech or coordination

What to expect at your visit

  1. Greeted by one of our attentive patient coordinators.
  2. Sign in and fill out your intake form on one of our ipads.
  3. Your practitioner will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, conduct an examination and provide a personalized treatment plan.
  4. Your practitioner may conduct needed testing. Please note that additional charges apply for these tests.
  5. The summary of your visit can be sent to your primary care provider with your permission.