Too much time in the sun can leave you with a sunburn. Sunburns can range in severity from mild redness to painful blisters and swelling. It can also be accompanied by serious conditions such as heat stroke, dehydration, or skin infection. Come in for a thorough assessment and proper medical care.

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What to know before your visit

Patients with the following may be directed to another health care provider:

  • Fever greater than 99.9° F.
  • Blisters greater than 5 cm.
  • Diabetes

What to expect at your visit

  1. Greeted by one of our attentive patient coordinators.
  2. Sign in and fill out your intake form on one of our ipads.
  3. Your practitioner will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, conduct an examination and provide you with a personalized treatment plan. This could include over-the-counter products or a prescription if needed.
  4. The summary of your visit can be sent to your primary care provider with your permission.