Dragonfly Health offers the ability to have video based care from the comfort of your home. We see adults and children 2 and older for minor illnesses, assessments, and alternative treatment.

Telemedicine Visit

Insurance: Accepting many insurance plans, plus credit, debit, and HSA/FSA cards​​

Price varies based on service and coverage
Diagnosis and treatment of most non-urgent illnesses or injuries, 24/7.
Visits 9 AM – 5 PM
7 days a week, excluding some holidays
It’s not always easy to access a health care provider when you need it. Some situations make it hard to go in person. For example, you may not have access to transportation, bed bound or just don’t have the time. Whether at work, home or traveling, Dragonfly Health’s providers can see you get the care you need. We can offer that level of convenience thanks to telehealth. Telehealth gives people a way to get health care without having to go to an office. This makes it easy for you to focus on your health even when you can’t leave your home.
Telehealth uses communication and video technology to make it easier for people to access health care outside of the office. A provider using video conferencing to diagnose and treat an illness is one example of telehealth. Our telehealth communication does not use an app that you need to download just a simple link you click on that brings you to a HIPAA secure page whether on your phone or computer.
With Dragonfly Health telehealth services, a health care provider will review your medical history and symptoms and if medically appropriate, they will write a prescription and send it to the pharmacy of your choice. Our providers can determine the best treatment option for your condition, but in some cases, that may not be a prescription.
Our Telemedicine options are always available. They offer patients access to affordable and convenient non-emergency care.

Using this service to have a Dragonfly Health provider assess your symptoms, as well as diagnose and treat your illness, skin condition or injuries as needed. Telemedicine Visits are an easy way to connect to a health care provider over video on your phone or computer.

The prices vary depending on your insurance coverage and services needed. You can make an appointment to help take care of non-urgent medical issues. You can also get your alternative medical services taken care of such as Medical Marijuana recertifications, Weight Loss management or Emotional Support Animals.

Don’t have insurance? Or we don’t take it? Self Pay telemedicine services cost $75 per visit. You can make a Video Visit to receive treatment and diagnosis for non-urgent injuries and illnesses. Video Visits are also available in most states as well as the District of Columbia. It’s important to note that Telemedicine visits are not available for all our services.