Medical Clinic Services

Acute Care Clinic Services

Here at Dragonfly Health, we provide some key basic services to patients in South and Central New Jersey. From minor Illnesses to basic prescription refills we strive to provide convenient care to our patients at an affordable price.

While we are here for your convenience we are not taking over care of your conditions. Instead, we are here to help treat your needs at that moment and will refer you to follow up with your primary care doctor or specialist.


Can’t make it into the office right now? Not a problem! Here at Dragonfly Health we are offering our patients telemedicine as a way to help out during these difficult times.

Simply call the  office for an appointment and our staff will help organize the rest.  When your appointment time arrives you will have a video call or telephonic call with one of our providers.

No insurance, no problem. Here at Dragonfly Health, we are trying to create the best outcomes for our patients.  

Insurance We Take

Here are some of the insurances we currently take; Horizon BCBS, Horizon NJ Health, QualCare, United Healthcare, Medicare, Cigna.